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60+ satellite payloads ideas for your space mission. Part 2

History proves that most of the startups or talents representing the #NewSpace movement have grown from a successful technological demonstration of payloads. That’s why it’s crucial to catalog those missions and guide the entrepreneurs entering the small satellite industry. 

Last week we posted the first video covering payload ideas for satellite projects across ten different categories. And as we thought, it became viral, and dozens of people asked for access to 60+ payload ideas cheat sheet that we created, thanks to Dr. Prashanth Marpu. He provided us with the initial information. Today we’re posting the second chapter.

So vote for your favorite ones, and leave feedback in the comments or private message. Based on your thoughts, we could delve deeper into the description of components that could be used for each of the mission profiles and talk about the previous missions using specific payloads with the references. Maybe we can even do interviews with the engineers participating in those missions.