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Artemis-1 scrubbed, New Shepard to fly 36 student payloads, and Turion Space gets SSA license

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News: August 22 — 28


Here’s what you need to know about the recent smallsat headlines.


Launch Updates


🇺🇸NASA’s Artemis 1 mission launch is scrubbed. The SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft will carry 10 cubesats (<the list of payloads) that will be deployed after Orion separates from the upper stage. Some of the cubesats have not been able to recharge their batteries since being installed in the payload adapter a year ago, reports [SpaceNews].


🇺🇸Blue Origin’s 23rd New Shepard mission will fly 36 international students’ payloads on August 31. [SmallsatNews]


🇺🇸The first Boeing crewed CST-100 Starliner flight was delayed until February 2023. [SpaceRef]


🇨🇳China has performed its first repeated use of a suborbital spaceplane as part of efforts to develop a fully reusable space transportation system. [SpaceNews]


🇮🇹SAB will launch six 🇬🇧Alba Orbital’s AlbaPod deployers with pocketqube customers aboard VV25 and VV26 Arianespace’s Vega C missions in 2023. [Press Release]




🇺🇸Turion Space gets a license to sell SSA services from its first satellite, Droid-1, which will be launched next year aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare on May 2023. 🇱🇹NanoAvionics built the bus for the satellite, which will provide imagery for 🇦🇺HEO Robotics, Turion Space’s first customer. [SpaceNews


🇬🇧Orbex to hire an additional fifty staff members over the next six months to support the first vertical rocket launch from the UK. [SpaceRef]


🇳🇿Dawn Aerospace got a $1.5M grant from the New Zealand government. Earlier, Dawn also announced a $199,000 award from 🇪🇺ESA to bolster the performance of its green bi-propellant satellite thrusters and a 1.4M euro grant from the 🇪🇺European Commission. With recent funding, Dawn Aerospace can refine its nitrous-based satellite propulsion technology. [SpaceNews]


🇨🇦Maritime Launch Services received approval to trade on the OTCQB Venture Market (OTCQB) under the symbol MAXQF. [SpaceRef] Earlier, the company announced that it signed a crown land lease for land to develop and operate 🇨🇦Spaceport Nova Scotia. [SpaceRef]


🇮🇹PoliSpace (space association of Polytechnic University of Milan) will build a payload to test a payload bay of a small single-stage-to-orbit rocket EOS by 🇮🇹Sidereus Space Dynamics. The launch vehicle can lift 15 kg payloads to orbit. [LinkedIn]


🇺🇸Kayhan Space has now unveiled its next-gen Pathfinder spaceflight safety platform to enable satellite and mission operators to better manage operational risks and make preemptive maneuvers based on precision analytics to avoid pileups in space. [SatNews]


🇨🇳Ping An Insurance Company of China launched its EO optical remote sensing satellite PingAn-3 which will join IoT satellites PingAn-1 and PingAn-2, to support the supply chain financial services of Ping An Bankand. [SpaceRef]


🇺🇸The Aerospace Corporation is developing a new standard for small satellites — round DiscSats. [ParabolicArc]



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