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Capella Space raises millions, Momentus gets FCC license, and China plans lunar constellation

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News: April 25 – May 1


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🇺🇸Capella Space raises $97M to expand its seven-satellite SAR constellation, improve its Capella Console data platform, and increase personnel.


🇺🇸Halifax International Security Forum tries to raise $10 million through its initiative ‘Ukraine Victory Fund’ to create 🇺🇦Ukraine’s own imaging satellites constellation. Once the funds are obtained, 🇦🇷Satellogic will build the satellites.



🇺🇸Momentus received the FCC license for the inaugural flight of the Vigoride orbital transfer vehicle on the upcoming 🇺🇸SpaceX Transporter-5 mission targeted for launch in May 2022.


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 ​​🇺🇸Orbital Insight will use 🇦🇷Satellogic data to improve the revisit rate and reduce the cost of running analytics of its platform. [Source]


🇺🇸Planet will design and build two Carbon Mapper methane-monitoring satellites for 🇺🇸Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT). [Source]


🇺🇸PredaSAR will launch the first satellite of its 96 radar constellation on 🇺🇸SpaceX’s Transporter 6 rideshare in October 2022. [Source]


🇺🇸Rocket Lab mission ‘There and Back Again’ was scrubbed due to weather troubles and is postponed to May 2. [Source]


🇺🇸NanoAvionics will build a satellite for 🇫🇷Promethee. ProtoMéthée-1 will be the first in its EO constellation to be launched by the end of 2023. [Source]


🇺🇸Cosmic Shielding Corporation plans a tech demo of the new small class vehicle, ForgeStar, by 🇬🇧Space Forge to be launched on 🇺🇸Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne from Spaceport Cornwall in the summer. [Source]


🇸🇪AAC Clyde will construct a ground station in 🇿🇦South Africa that can support several frequency bands up to S-band as well as in the amateur VHF band. [Source]


🇨🇳China will take the lead in demonstrating a lunar relay small satellite constellation in 2023 or 2024 and offer communication and navigation services for future lunar missions. [Source]


🇬🇧Inmarsat plans to offer its L-band constellation InRange telemetry for launch providers to track rockets in flight. [Source]


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