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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Changelog: Enhanced filters plus ‘Maiden Launch’ and ‘Last-Minute Deals’ labels for Launch.ctrl

New releases: August — December 2022

Users can now set comprehensive parameters for the launch date, orbit, and the type and size of the payload to easily find, pre-select (add to cart), or book matching commercial launches.


We’ve also added ‘Maiden Launch’ and ‘Last-Minute Deal’ markers to ease users’ experience while browsing the Launch Schedule.

Additionally, we added more visibility for brokers’ presence on rideshare launches on the latest version.


Log in — simpler than ever!

Logging in to your Launch.ctrl account shouldn’t be a hassle, and now it isn’t! Thanks to the effortless Google and Microsoft account integration, users can log in quickly and securely without having to memorize any extra usernames or passwords.

Pre-defined launch prices can be seen on the launch schedule based on filters selected

The launch schedule now offers a helpful guide when it comes to finding the right launch prices for your payload. With the four easy-to-use filters ranging from launch date, orbit, type, and size/mass of your payload, users can quickly look up pre-defined basis prices that are tailored to their individual requirements.

Past Flights

From real-time updates and detailed information about upcoming launches to past launch summaries and mission data, now our schedule shows archived launches, giving you the ability to leverage our platform for both research and exploration. We look forward to providing you with even more ways to conveniently work with an ultimate source of gathering information about satellite launches over time.


— Small Launch schedule fixes – changed filter headings, avatars order, etc.

— Fixed “open in new tab” links and buttons behavior.