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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Changelog: Updated designs of Launch.ctrl by Precious Payload—curated launch schedule for payload developers, and more new features ​

New release: July 29, 2022

We’re happy to announce some new features deployed to our CTRL.space production server. We know you love the fact that we are always working on improving our platform and making it more convenient for you. And this time, we have something really cool: a new design for our Launch.ctrl—a curated launch schedule for payload developers with:

  • Accurate and verified launches
  • Complete testing requirements
  • Detailed orbital parameters
  • ROM pricing directly from launch service providers 
  • FREE, fast, and easy RFPs for launch services for registered users.

Launch.ctrl—a curated launch schedule for payload developers

The new Launch.ctrl system is designed to help any space company get started with rideshare opportunities. It works as a marketplace where users can search for launch opportunities by filtering out all the relevant information they need. After that, they can add multiple launches at once to their cart, register and describe their mission to get confirmation from the provider about their mission pricing and availability.

What else?

We’ve been busy! In addition to the major release, we have added even more features and made a lot of improvements and fixes:


  • As a launch provider, I can see the history of requests
  • Additional fields for company pages
  • Slug strings were added for both company and launch entity for better SEO
  • Added gallery to company page in Launch Schedule


  • Disabled removing section selection when switching page sections.
  • Added a short mission description summary.
  • The supplier’s section is now available in vertical mode when working on a mobile device.
  • Added inability to change users’ email after invitation.
  • Improved showing details of the request.
  • Satellite operators are now receiving notifications over email once their request has been shared with suppliers.
  • 404, 500, 400 pages added to launch schedule and web app.
  • Add protection against multiple creations of missions/requests with multiply click on the “Finish” button.


  • Fixed display problems on mobile devices.
  • Fixed text of e-mail notification.
  • Changed error message bugs.
  • Fixed users list in the admin panel.
  • Fixed withdrawing issue for requests.
  • Fixed infinite skeleton bug after accepting invitations.
  • Fixed links section issue on the “Company” page.
  • Fixed bug in a supplier list in the admin panel.
  • Fixed security bug allowing users to get info about other missions in the Data Room.
  • Check SSR hydration bugs in the Launch Schedule.