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Chinese rocket launch fails, spaceports in Sweden and Norway become popular, and more smallsat news

Precious Payload Market Update: December 13, 2021 — December 19, 2021

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Rocket Lab will acquire a supplier of space solar power products SolAero Holdings for $80M, closing in Q1 2022, to align the growth strategy of vertical integration. (Source)

SatRevolution secures a $30M Series B funding from Virgin Orbit and plans to offer up to 500kg of hosted payload services on upcoming LauncherOne rockets. (Source)

Albedo wins NOAA license to sell commercial optical imagery with a resolution of 10 centimeters per pixel and plans to launch its first satellite in 2024. (Source)

ReOrbit partners with EnduroSat to demonstrate rendezvous and close proximity operation mission Ukko using its GNC software stack that will run on EnduroSat’s nanosatellite platform. (Source)

UN:IO consortium members (including Nanoavionocs, Reflex Aerospace, Isar Aerospace, Mynaric, and more NewSpace companies) plan to build and launch an independent communications network for the EU with 400 laser-linked satellites operational 2025. (Source)

Virgin Orbit will acquire a 17.5% stake in geospatial analytics company Hypersat and launch its six satellite constellation to LEO in 2023 to leverage the relationships with its satellite launch customers and space solutions end-users. (Source)

SatRevolution will launch its STORK constellation with Swedish Space Corporation from Esrange Space Center in Sweden that’s ‘relatively close to Poland, and has a high latitude for facilitating launches into SSO.’ (Source)

Isar Aerospace partners with Swiss IoT nanosatellite company Astrocast to launch its satellites on rideshare missions to SSO from Andøya, Norway starting Q1 2024. (Source)

Isar Aerospace and German Space Agency announce payloads for the first test flight of Spectrum LV expected in Q4 2022. (Payload List)

NASA plans to launch four science missions, including smallsats, in 2022 to monitor climate change. (Source)

SpaceX will launch its CRS-24 mission to ISS on December 21 from LC-39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida:

ESA partners with GomSpace to build and launch the Scout CubeMAP mission’s nanosatellites to quantify atmospheric processes in 2024. (Source)

U.S.S.F will launch a dedicated 3U cubesat tech demo dubbed Project Moonlighter to study cyber-topics for space systems in 2023. (Source)

Ororatech partners with Australia’s Green Triangle Fire Alliance to provide Wildfire Intelligence Services through its first cubesat to be launched in Q1 2022. (Source)

Chinese Expace‘s Kuaizhou-1A solid rocket fails to make it to orbit, losing Geespace‘s two commercial navigation-support satellites. (Source)


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