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Comprehensive map of global spaceports, Above the Clouds, and smart smallsat factory

Precious Payload Market Update: January 3, 2022 — January 9, 2022

Learn more about a new map of global spaceports, upcoming smallsat missions, and microsatellites mass production. Think of us as your guide to the smallsat industry. We’ll give you the top news, so you don’t have to go digging for it. 

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Virgin Orbit will launch its third commercial mission, “Above the Clouds,” carrying seven payloads for its customers on Jan 12. (Source)

SpaceX will launch its dedicated rideshare mission, Transporter-3, to SSO aboard the Falcon 9 rocket from SLC-40 this week. Here’s the payload list. (Source)

Loft Orbital orders another batch of LEO-100 satellite buses from LeoStella after securing undisclosed customers looking to fly payloads in 2023. It also will launch its next series of microsatellite missions, YAM 4 and 5, by Q4 2022. (Source)

Arianespace will launch the Italian Space Agency’s (ASI) PLATiNO 1 & 2 EO missions to demonstrate its all-electric multi-purpose small satellite platform in SSO aboard the Vega and Vega C rockets between 2022 and 2024. (Source) 

Satellogic plans to construct a new manufacturing plant in the Netherlands capable of developing 25 satellites per quarter by Q3 2023. (Source)

HawkEye 360 closes its Series D round after receiving a $5M investment from Leidos, bringing in a total value of $150M. (Source)

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) unveils their first smart manufacturing facility for small satellites to produce up to 240 satellites annually. (Source)

Luxembourg’s Fit 4 Start accelerator chose four space startups for its new program: AM 4 AM, The Lunar Grid, Digantara, Hypernova, and Ride!. (Source)

BryceTech publishes a comprehensive map of global spaceports, highlighting their capabilities to support orbital and suborbital launches. (Source)

Scotland’s South Ayrshire Council plans to establish Prestwick Spaceport to offer horizontal launch capabilities in partnership with Astraius for smallsats in Europe by Q4 2023. (Source)

Relativity Space hires former Microsoft executive Scott van Vliet to run its software engineering team. (Source)

Launcher: South-Korean Innospace will make its HANBIT launches from Andøya Spaceport to lift smallsats to polar and SSO orbits. (Source)

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