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Precious Payload Market Update: December 20, 2021 — December 26, 2021

No matter what, even on holidays, we save you time by summarizing the most important small satellite stories for you in the Precious Payload’s weekly market update.

See some highlights:  

  • It’s interesting that public space companies are using their stock creatively to capture more value from clients. While RocketLab acquires the subsystem builders, who manufacture satellites, to build even spacecraft for the same customer, Virgin acquires stakes in its clients from public stock.
  • The news that Dubai Electricity and Water Authority decided to work with NanoAvionics to build two cubesats is huge for the UAE. DEWA created its own space program to enhance its electricity and water networks.

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Spaceflight’s Sherpa-LTC tug gets scrubbed off from the upcoming SpaceX Transport-3 mission in January 2022 due to a leak in its propulsion system affecting ten cubesats. Here’s the list:

  • four Kleos Space’s cubesats
  • Lynk Tower 1 by Lynk Global
  • two 1.5U cubesats—LLITED mission by NASA
  • 3U VZLUSAT-2 cubesat by Spacemanic
  • 1U SPiN-1 cubesat by Space Products and Innovation
  • 1U OreSat0 cubesat by the Portland State Aerospace Society. (Source)

SpaceX launches its CRS-24 mission aboard the Falcon 9 rocket to ISS from LC-39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The payloads included UAE-Bahrain’s Light-1 cubesat, GP Advanced Projects’ FEES 2 satellite, and USAF STP-H7/H-8 payloads. (Source)

Huayi Spacetime launches Rocket Pi’s biological payload, Sparkle-1 aboard Huayi-1’s first suborbital flight in Northwestern China. (Source)

Canadian Northstar Earth & Space will open its Luxembourg HQ after it receives an investment from Luxembourg Future Fund and plans to launch a constellation of 52 commercial SSA satellites in 2023. (Source)

Virgin Orbit completes the final launch rehearsal of its “Above the Clouds” mission that will carry payloads for the US DoD, SatRevolution, and Spire Global in January 2022. (Source)

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MBRSC will develop the most advanced imaging satellite in the GCC region. MBZ-Sat will be launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2023. (Source)

NanoAvionics partners with DEWA to design, build, test, and manage the launch of 3U (IoT payload) and 6U (EO payload) cubesats to support the digitalization of Dubai’s power and water networks. (Source)

Virgin Orbit will acquire a stake in Maritime Domain Awareness company Horizon Technologies and launch a constellation of six cubesats to leverage the relationships with its satellite launch customers and space solutions end-users. (Source)

Virgin Orbit acquires a quantum cloud encryption license from UK-based Arqit Quantum, Inc and plans to launch two dedicated QKD missions aboard its LauncherOne from Spaceport Cornwall in 2023. (Source)

GomSpace plans to build a new satellite platform for Unseenlabs’ constellation of about 20 satellites to monitor maritime traffic in 2022. (Source)

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. will develop the first satellite for Satellite Vu’s constellation of seven EO satellites by Q4 2022. (Source)

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