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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Finding a space launch is easier than ever, with special orbital requirements

Problem: They say you have to wait up to two years to get the right space launch for your specific orbit ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️.

Solution: ION Carrier is a free-flying CubeSat dispenser capable of delivering satellites to higher altitudes, different orbits, and orbital planes. It is compatible with all the existing launch vehicles and extends current launchers capabilities. Hence you have a wider variety of launches to choose from!


InOrbit NOW family of solutions:

ION CubeSat Carrier is designed to provide satellite operators with services only large satellites – primary payloads – are usually granted by launch providers.

D-Orbit integrates a group of smallsats into the ION Carrier, which is capable of releasing them one by one into precise orbital slots, significantly reducing the phasing time to set up a constellation down to just a few weeks. Also, ION Carrier can extend current launcher capabilities, delivering satellites to higher altitudes, to different orbits, and orbital planes, thus optimizing the deployment of constellations.

It allows savings on launch costs, currently the most expensive part of satellite development. Through ION launch service, rideshare passengers can select a target orbit for their drop-off, knowing that they will be correctly phased in a few weeks, and ensuring they get the LTAN they need, despite primary launch parameters.

Who should be interested:

The ION Carrier is developed for the maximum capacity of 4 12U CubeSats, or a hosted payload of a corresponding size. D-Orbit works with universities, various satellite operators, and companies wishing to do an IOD.  It doesn’t matter if you want to test a new feature for one CubeSat or ready to set up a whole constellation. 

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Flight heritage:

–  Wait a second, isn’t it a first commercial launch for ION?

Yes, D-Orbit has contracted Arianespace for the first commercial launch for ION Carrier scheduled for 2019. But despite it being a maiden voyage, the team is so confident it will result in a success that they are offering the deployment insurance coverage free of charge for every client.

“The reason for it is that the whole ION CubeSat Carrier platform’s subsystems are flight-proven and redundant. We tested our ECSS-qualified electronics for the D3 decommissioning device and microsatellites in 2013, with our first DNEPR launch. Decommissioning system has been qualified during the D-SAT mission last year. The CubeSat Carrier has been developed under the same high-quality space standards as the decommissioning systems.”

Renato Panesi, CCO of D-Orbit