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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Launch.ctrl by Precious Payload: product tour for launch service providers

‘What a great platform!  Precious Payloads is making it easier than booking an international flight these days!’ — a comment under Precious Payload’s product tour on YT



The Precious Payload team developed Launch.ctrl, a marketplace for satellite operators who look for specific time frames of launch or specific orbit. All the information that is stored in the web-facing interface of the platform is directly linked to a launch service provider’s account. This means that a launch provider user has full control over what they are sharing. 


For the launch provider, it only takes just a few seconds to create a new launch and to push the special offers, last-minute deals, or any value-added services available for the launch. Precious Payload can also help launch providers customize their pages as needed. Some launches can be kept private if necessary and made visible just for the Precious Payload team only. 


The new interface allows satellite operators to work not only with the launch operators directly but also with the launch brokers, aggregators, hosted payload platforms, space tugs, etc. thereby showing the full potential of the launch market to the satellite teams. 


The Precious Payload’s team will push a matching request, even if it is for a few payloads to make the launch happen or if a specific time frame or a specific orbit needs to be estimated, and it is the user’s choice whether to share the details with a potential customer or not. 


All these requests are visible in the launch provider’s account. The Precious Payload team makes sure that there’s full information about the satellite companies behind the requests, about the payloads, about their mission in general and even gives provisions for feedback on these specific requests or submits the proposal within a few minutes.