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More successful hot-fires, the national space fund in UAE, and smallsat market forecast

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News: July 11 – July 17


Every week we collect all the major smallsat market news for our BD, launch, and marketing teams and are happy to share it with you. 




🇦🇪The UAE Space Agency established a $816.7M (AED3 billion) National Space Fund. Its first project is a constellation of advanced remote sensing satellites using radar technologies to provide unparalleled imaging capabilities. [Emirates News Agency]


🌐Euroconsult: ~18,500 satellites under 500kg will reach orbit by 2031. [Payload]


🇺🇸ABL Space Systems test-fired its RS1 rocket, attempting its first orbital flight in the next several weeks. [SpaceNews]


🇬🇧Skyrora opens the UK’s engine manufacturing and production facility, capable of conducting full-stage structural, functional, cold flow, and pressure testing. [SpaceDaily]


🇩🇪Rocket Factory Augsburg successfully hot-fired its Helix engine’s first stage. [SpaceWatch]


The new 🇺🇸SpaceX’s Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-25) mission, along with the ISS cargo, carried the 🇺🇸NASA’s ELaNa 45 mission with five university cubesats: 


  1. CLICK A which is a collaboration between 🇺🇸MIT and 🇺🇸University of Florida
  2. CapSat-1 from 🇺🇸The Weiss School, Florida
  3. JAGSAT from the 🇺🇸University of South Alabama
  4. BeaverCube from 🇺🇸MIT
  5. Drag Deorbit Device (D3) 🇺🇸Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University [NASA]



🇺🇸GeoOptics, 🇺🇸PlanetIQ and 🇺🇸Spire Global get contracted by NOAA to supply space weather data to support operational forecasting. [SpaceNews]


🇨🇦MDA contracted 🇺🇸York Space Systems to design and build Ka-Band antennas for its satellites. [SpaceEq.ca]


🇫🇷Anywaves signed a contract with Airbus to provide antennas for the satellite platforms for a project with 🇺🇸Loft Orbital. [SpaceWatch]



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