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Changelog: Multiple space mission architectures support

New release: April 7, 2022

At Precious Payload’s product Launch.ctrl, we now support satellite operators’ requests with rapid processing and matching (with compatible launch providers).

Satellite Operators Able to Create Multiple Architectures for any Given Mission

When companies on the Precious Payload ctrl.space platform create missions, they now have the ability to stack multiple predefined and custom architectures.

The various features at the sub-architectural level (e.g., mission level, spacecraft level, etc.) of expanded customization for any mission designer:

View of a Satellite Operator Multiple Mission Architectures

Separated Files for Missions and Architectures

Saving valuable time for suppliers — also, adding further privacy protection for our satellite operators — only relevant files for any given mission at ctrl.space platforms is displayed to launch providers.

This means that only mission files that fall under the scope of any launch provider’s capabilities are visible to them (after a satellite operator submits their mission request).