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Changelog: Ctrl.space platform supports mobile devices

New release: April 27, 2022



Ctrl.space Platform started supporting mobile devices!



🛰 For Satellite Operators

  • As SO I can see the request list on my mission page.
  • As SO I can see responses to requests on my mission page.
  • Added mission search for the “Request Editor” page.
  • Added missions selector to the “Request Editor” page.

  • Added extra fields for the request: budget expectation (select “I know my budget”, “I don’t know my budget”); maximum budget value (currency); “Are you fundraising for this project now?” (checkbox); criteria for a supplier selection (multiple selection — schedule, price, heritage); “Launch date” (Q + Year); “Launch date flexibility” (“Flexible”, “Strict requirement”); “I want to select a supplier in” (selector “1 Month”, “3 Months”, “6 Months”, “Later”).


What else?


  • The “Current Phase” field in the “Mission Details” menu became wider.
  • Added search country by the first letter for the “Headquarters Location” menu.
  • Disabled modal backdrop click.
  • Changed the way to store sidebar visibility state for mobile devices.
  • Changed modal behavior on mobile devices.
  • Added full-width button “Booking Closed” for the “Launch Schedule” page mobile view.
  • Added the ability to change the Satellite Operator’s and Launch Provider’s company page display on mobile devices.
  • Hid the company logo in the top bar on the desktop.
  • Increased toast showing time and used colors from UI Kit.



  • Returned the “Change Video” button for admin and supplier workspace.
  • Fixed the error, when the symbol “+” in the e-mail of the invited user will be erased.
  • Fixed displaying of the request sending page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed displaying of the “Request Creation” page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue with shared requests.
  • More fixes for ordering on missions and architectures responses.
  • Fixed displaying of the “Mission” page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed menu logic to show only requested architectures on Supplier’s page.
  • Fixed bug with unchanged users’ avatars.
  • Repaired searchable multi-selector for closing after clicking on the value.
  • Fixed bug when SO was unable to change “Planned Launch Date”.
  • Fixed the “Each value in architectures must be a string” error appearing while creating a request.
  • Fixed incorrect redirect when a user tried to open a request by a link.
  • Fix inability to log in with phone number without + symbol entering correct code.
  • Fixed minor issues connected with operational algorithm modal and subsystem items.
  • Fixed the ability to return Supplier to Satellite Operator status from admin workspace.