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Changelog: OpenAPI for Ctrl.space platform, Solutions section, and more

New Release: June 3, 2022


Introducing the “Solutions” section on our website! This is a one-stop shop for all the services Precious Payload offers – helping Satellite Operators choose their desired solutions or go for a fully customized roadmap for their space mission.


We’ve also implemented an OpenAPI for our ctrl.space platform, which has been described using Swagger. This allows our developers to discover and understand the capabilities of our services without access to source code, documentation, or network traffic inspection. If you’re interested in obtaining access to our API, contact our BD team at info@preciouspayload.com.

Furthermore, we’ve improved the Launch Provider’s dashboard. Now, Launch Providers can see their history of submitted proposals.

What else?


  • Added a warning notification in modal when a user tries to follow a link in the markdown field outside the Precious Payload domain.
  • Added support using external API Keys to access Precious Payload’s data. Сhanged wrong email link on “change view status” to correct one.


  • Rewritten notification system.
  • Reviewed and fixed state machine for Requests, Views, and Responses.
  • Added protection against multiple creations when the “Finish” button is clicked multiple times.
  • Improved notifications to update requests, views, and responses.
  • Added a solution for the misplacement of icons and labels.
  • Made the Suppliers section available in vertical mode on mobile devices.
  • Changed error message for invites that have expired.
  • Updated tooltips on launch mission pages.
  • Disabled the “Join the launch” button for “booking closed” launches.
  • Added a check against the name of the mission’s architecture to avoid the appearance of names with only spaces.


  • Fixed skeleton saving in supplier view if it has no architectures.
  • Changed error message to correct users when they try to set empty first name/surname in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed links in the company page to make it non-local and added the “HTTPS://” prefix before the URL.
  • Fixed the infinite loading skeleton when viewing shared mission details for suppliers.
  • Increased security to prevent looking into/editing the environment of other users.
  • Fixed case studies links for the header.
  • Removed unnecessary input field for an email from the account creation page.