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Changelog: Mission pages for upcoming SpaceX Transporter launches, and more

New Release: May 25, 2022


Following the release of the Transporter 11 mission page, we now have mission pages for other upcoming Transporter launches, too – making it much easier to book slots through our one-of-a-kind “Expedia for Space”:


We also added Product Changelog to the Product menu on the main page. 


For Satellite Operators

  • As a SO, I can send a request again after canceling it.
  • As a SO, when I enter a new description in the “Create a Request” option, it gets saved before I “Resend” the request.

For Launch Providers

  • As an LP, I can undo my response to revoke/add more details/submit a new one.
  • As an LP, I can now see more details in the email received when a request is updated.
  • As an LP, I can revoke a response (Proposal received/declined) to send a new one


  • Added the ability to wrap text to the following line in fields with markdown.
  • The search modal can be exited by clicking on the backdrop.
  • Fixed icons position in Safari browser.
  • Polished individual pages for launch schedule.
  • Added the ability to submit the “Invite member to the company” modal with “Enter”.
  • Implemented showing an error message to the supplier for expired views.



  • While submitting the request creation form, the “Save” button is disabled until all fields are filled.
  • As an LP, I receive the message “Your request has been successfully submitted” upon sending an offer.
  • Fixed bug showing both success and error messages when a request is reshared.
  • Fixed fields for the “Submit Request” form.
  • Removed unnecessary visual elements from the “See what people say” section on the website.