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New spaceplane, first Electron launch of the year, and lunar constellation

Precious Payload Market Update: January 17, 2022 — January 23, 2022

The smallsat industry had a busy week but Precious Payload’s summary today found the best stories to feature:

A satellite company that has received $150 million from the investment fund of a former US treasury secretary and plans to go public via a SPAC merger has launched satellites with China Great Wall Corporation launch vehicles, as well as having Tencent as a lead investor for most of its funding rounds.

RocketLab continues to acquire other companies in order to increase the company’s margins and foster relationships with customers. They are working towards a cash flow-positive situation. 

And we’re sending our congrats to our past clients Mission Space for awarding the contract to Endurosat.

You can find more headlines below.

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Launchers 🚀🚀🚀

RocketLab will launch its first dedicated mission this year on the 4th of February. Electron will carry Spaceflight’s mission—a pair of BlackSky’s Gen-2 EO satellites. (Source)

Radian Aerospace closes a $27.5M seed round to build a spaceplane carrying people and light cargo to LEO. (Source)

More news 💸🪐🛸

Rocket Lab acquires SolAero Holdings for $80M as part of its strategy to vertically integrate space solutions into its business. (Source)

The fund led by former US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin invests $150M into Satellogic. (Source)

Canadian startup Wyvern raises $4.5M and plans to launch its first hyperspectral imagery satellites this year. (Source) 

Plus Ultra Space Outposts partners with ispace Europe to launch their lunar satellite constellation Harmony. (Source)

EnduroSat will develop a cubesat for Mission Space. The spacecraft will carry a space weather instrument, Aurora-1, by Q4 2022. EnduroSat will leverage Mission Space’s data and analytics services as its customer. (Source)

Loft Orbital will build, launch, and operate 10 EO satellites for EarthDaily Analytics. (Source)

OQ Technology will accommodate its 5G IoT payload in LEO for satellite-based IoT upstream and downstream service on a Triton-X microsatellite platform provided by OHB and its subsidiary LuxSpace. (Source)

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