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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Changelog: Notifications for data room updates, additional requirements for satellite operator’s request support

New release: April 13, 2022


🛰 For Satellite Operators

  • As SO I can see the list of requests associated with my missions.
  • As SO I can see and track all requests and statuses in my account.
  • As SO I can add additional requirements for my request.
  • As SO I can change the company name.

🚀 For launch providers

  • As LP I can receive notifications about the mission’s Data Room updates.
  • As LP I can see and track all requests and statuses in my account.
  • As LP I can receive invitation links to join my company on Ctrl.ctrl platform.

What else?

  • Added skeleton preloader for a navigation bar.
  • Added modal form for Suppliers.
  • Implemented mechanism for sending requests to Suppliers.
  • Added overflowing scroll to the backdrop.
  • Added “Members” sections for SO, LP, and admin panel.
  • Added an additional field indicating the size of the company.
  • Implemented mobile layout with mobile header and burger menu.
  • Added response functionality to suppliers part of the Ctrl.ctrl Platform.
  • Added ability to invite users for Suppliers’ and Satellite Operators’ companies.


  • Improved “Launch Calculator”.
  • Improved the button “Edit” for a link with the company name.
  • Improved existing users’ invitation logic.
  • Improved scrolling functionality for supplier/admin workspaces.
  • Improved mission cards page at admin mission list.
  • Aligned all fields in the “Company Menu” panel.
  • Improved the process of uploading attached images.
  • Improved display of the mobile version of the site.
  • Updated authorization pages display for mobile devices.
  • Improved the “Launch Schedule” page.
  • Improved the “Supplier Creation” page.
  • Improved the “Mission Creation” page.
  • Improved the “Service Type” select form for Suppliers.
  • Added Company Name to the “Email Invitation” page.



  • Fixed request list chips and added actions menu.
  • Fixed links dancing behaviour and close icon position.
  • Fixed auth bug with the “Send Code” button in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed bug with redirects for the Admin’s workspace.
  • Fixed “Operational Algorithm” modal and subsystem item.
  • Fixed creation of new requests from the admin page.
  • Fixed “Service Types” for the admin “Suppliers” page.
  • Fixed the “Dry mass” error in the admin panel.
  • Fixed links dancing behaviour and close icon position.
  • Fixed ordering on missions and architectures responses.
  • Fixed minor bugs and made other minor edits to improve the UX and visuals of the various product sections.

Coming Soon

  • The Precious Payload ctrl.space Platform supporting mobile devices;
  • Satellite Operators can create a request for hosted payload and suborbital launches; and
  • last month we heard you and now, we are currently developing a feature that allows Launch Providers to edit/change/update their proposals after they have been submitted — this is amongst a bunch of new GUI/UX features that have already been improved or added to Satellite Operators and Service Providers’ dashboards.