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Precious Payload opens new space sector research internship program in UAE

Precious Payload is growing fast as a GCC-leading commercial space-tech startup, providing launch procurement and satellite mission management services. To aid in this expansion, it has launched a new internship program in the UAE and is seeking a UAE-based intern to help map the international small satellite market, maintain and update its CRM, provide weekly market analysis, and much more.

DEADLINE for applications — October 28, 2020

Whoever lands this internship will learn so much about the key and prospective players of the modern space industry, under the direction of Precious Payload’s business development and account lead.

In spite of the part-time and remote nature of the internship, the intern will be able to work from Precious Payload’s office in the heart of Abu Dhabi, side-by-side with its full-time employees. This is a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with the Precious Payload team, as well as make a real impact at the company.

Learn more and apply here: https://www.notion.so/preciouspayl/UAE-based-Intern-849ac33538b64bab99e5ae34ccae8b77