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Precious Payload partners with Maritime Launch, Dawn Aerospace raises $20M, and more awesome smallsat updates

Precious Payload’s Weekly Smallsat News:

December 5–11, 2022


Everything you need to know about recent smallsat headlines around the universe. 

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🇺🇸🇦🇪🇩🇪Precious Payload and 🇨🇦Maritime Launch Services join hands to bring satellite delivery services to payload developers via Canada’s first commercial spaceport, using Launch.ctrl online marketplace. [SmallsatNews]





Launch Updates

🇺🇸Rocket Lab targets its first Electron rocket launch from the US on December 13, carrying aboard six of 🇺🇸HawkEye’s 360 satellites. [Space.com]


🇺🇦Promin Aerospace to launch its first rocket in 2023 from Scotland. [SpaceNews]


🇰🇷Innospace to launch the HANBIT-TLV suborbital vehicle between December 14 and December 21 from 🇧🇷Alcântara Space Center, carrying aboard the inertial navigation system payload Sisnav for the 🇧🇷Brazilian Department of Aerospace Science and Technology. [SmallsatNews]


🇺🇸Virgin Orbit delays the UK’s first launch—the Start Me Up mission—by two weeks due to technical and regulatory issues. [Space.com]


Recent flights

🇺🇸NASA’s Lunar Flashlight mission was launched aboard a Falcon 9 carrying 🇯🇵ispace’s HAKUTO-R M1 lander and 🇦🇪UAE’s Rashid rover. [Spaceflightnow]


🇨🇳China launched the Jielong-3 rocket, carrying the following 14 satellites onboard [SpaceNews]:

  1. CAS 5A by 🇨🇳CAMSAT 
  2. Head-2H by 🇳🇱Head Aerospace
  3. Golden Bauhinia-1 05 and 06 satellites by 🇨🇳Beijing Zero G Lab
  4. Tianqi-07 by 🇨🇳Guodian Gaoke
  5. Torch-1 by Rocket Pi 
  6. Seven Jilin-1 Gaofen 03D satellites and the Jilin-1 Pingtai 01A01 satellite, by 🇨🇳Changguang Satellite Technology

🇺🇸SpaceX successfully launched 40 OneWeb satellites onboard a Falcon 9 from the 🇺🇸Kennedy Space Center. [Spaceflightnow]



🇺🇸Terran Orbital introduces a new segment, Optical Solutions Group, to make imaging satellites, with its first unveiling planned for 2023. [SpaceNews]


🇺🇸Momentus signs a contract with 🇰🇷Contec to launch its JINJUSat-1 cubesat aboard the Transporter 9 mission in October 2023. [BusinessWire]


The 🇺🇸Defense Innovation Unit looks for commercial service proposals to deploy and operate payloads in cislunar space, through the 🇺🇸AFRL’s $72M contract for experimental spacecraft to monitor the xGEO region. [SpaceNews]


🇫🇷Absolut Sensing contracts 🇺🇸Kongsberg NanoAvionics to build its demonstration constellation, with 12 satellites to be launched in 2025, followed by two launches of six satellites in 2026 and 2027, respectively. [SpaceWatchGlobal


🇺🇸Mangata Networks to build a manufacturing facility worth $100M in Scotland for its multi-orbit broadband constellation. [SmallsatNews]


🇩🇪DLR selected the following seven companies for payload opportunities onboard 🇩🇪Rocket Factory Augsburg’s RFA ONE launch, scheduled for late 2023. [SmallsatNews]

  1. AllBert EinStein by 🇩🇪TU Munich (to study space debris by observing the controlled re-entry of one or more artificial meteoroids)
  2. ARTICA by 🇮🇹Spacemind (to test the deorbiting capabilities of satellites)
  3. Curium Two by 🇩🇪Planetary Transportations Systems (to test and validate new electronics for future commercial space missions)
  4. ERMINAZ by 🇩🇪AMSAT (an educational satellite)
  5. PCIOD by 🇮🇹DCUBED (a deployable solar array)
  6. Separation Ring Mission by 🇩🇪Spacemind (to demonstrate the function of re-scaled separation rings for nano-satellites in orbit)
  7. SpaceDREAM by 🇩🇪Kinetik Space (to demonstrate the autonomous capture of a free-floating object and vision-tracking, using a robotic arm)


🇩🇪Isar Aerospace and 🇩🇪DLR selected 19 payloads for the second launch of Spectrum in 2023-24. The payload developers are [SpaceWatchGlobal]:

  • 🇪🇸Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
  • 🇩🇪German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Space Systems
  • 🇩🇪Technical University of Berlin
  • 🇫🇮University of Vaasa
  • 🇦🇹TU Vienna’s Space Team
  • 🇳🇴Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


🇯🇵Astroscale and 🇯🇵JAXA collaborate on satellite refueling concepts through the ELSA-d mission, with a robot arm and hand technology currently under development. [ViaSatellite]


🇺🇸Outpost Technologies Corporation develops a ‘Cargo Ferry,’ for transportation of cargo from ISS to Earth, under 🇺🇸NASA’s Phase 1 SBIR Ignite Contract. [BusinessWire]


🇺🇸Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander passes vibration tests in preparation for its launch aboard 🇺🇸ULA’s Vulcan Centaur in 2023. [Astrobotic]


🇺🇸Sidus Space’s LizzieSat-1 constellation completes its critical design review for launch from 🇺🇸Florida aboard a Falcon 9 in 2023. [SmallsatNews]


🇱🇺OQ Technology to launch its MACSAT mission for IoT services aboard Vega-C as a rideshare launch in March 2023. [SmallsatNews]



🇩🇪Reflex Aerospace raised €7M in funds to be used to build its first production line in Munich and almost double their workforce. The company is on track to launch its demonstrator mission, for a future UNIO broadband internet constellation, by 2024. [Smallsatnews]


🇳🇿Dawn Aerospace raises $20M in funding from Icehouse Ventures to expand its satellite propulsion systems and spaceplane development. [ParabolicArc]


🇺🇸Slingshot Aerospace raises $40.85M to build its ‘Global Sensor Network’ and ‘Digital Space Twin’ software platforms. [ParabolicArc]


🇫🇷Anywaves raises $3M in funds to attract more U.S.-based clients. [SpaceNews]



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