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Hello, space people. This week, read more about the lunar Rover-as-a-Service, Blue Origin's New Glenn to transport NASA's smallsats to Mars in 2024, and the first hybrid rocket that reaches space from Turkey. Stay in the know about the small satellite industry. Stay informed on the latest commercial payloads and

This week, uncover the highlights of Starship's second flight, navigate through SaxaVord's challenges, and witness the stellar progress at the Omani spaceport. Stay in the know about the smallsat market. Stay informed on the latest commercial payloads and launch news! Precious Weekly: November 13 — 19, 2023 Image: NSF's footage of the

Latest in smallsat industry: Transporter 9 triumph, Blue Ghost's new payload, and ESA's boost to RFA Projects. Dive into the success of the latest SpaceX rideshare, details on Firefly's new lunar payload, and the latest backing of RFA's space ventures. Stay updated on the pulse of the small satellite world.  Precious

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! In this issue, we delve into the exciting developments in the space industry, from the grand opening of Norway's cutting-edge orbital Andoya Spaceport to the impending launch of Transporter 9's thrilling rideshare mission. Plus, discover how Skyroot's recent funding success is propelling

Welcome to the latest issue of Precious Weekly, your trusted source for all things smallsat and launchers. This week, we delve into the thrilling acceleration of the US private Moon race, ABL's anticipation for its second flight, and the impressive funding milestone achieved by Qosmosys for their lunar lander. Dive

From the groundbreaking microgravity service for biotech introduced by Germany's NewSpace trio to the much-anticipated resumption of Ariane 6 tests, and Iran's remarkable debut with private cubesats aboard a Soyuz rocket. Stay updated with the latest space industry insights and trends in our comprehensive newsletter. Dive in to discover more! Precious

This week, we dive into Blue Origin's Blue Ring — the latest space mobility platform unveiling, Planet's upcoming launches, and Starlink's venture into the IoT realm. Whether you're a payload developer, investor, or launch service provider, we've got the insights you need. Dive in to discover the latest advancements, funding

Welcome to the latest edition of our smallsat news digest. From Miura-1's suborbital triumph and Vega's impressive rideshare launch to the unprecedented penalty faced by Dish in the realm of space debris, we've got the insights you need. Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth analysis and updates on

In a roller-coaster of space endeavors, the headline "Two Rocket Launch Failures and a Successful Deployment" captures the essence of recent events. Firefly Aerospace's triumphant launch for the U.S. Space Force stands out, especially after overcoming past challenges. Meanwhile, investments are pouring in, with Sidereus Space Dynamics securing a notable

In the new issue, we dive deep into the major smallsat updates from last week and World Business Satellite Week (WSBW) in Paris, spotlighting the most significant fundings, grants, and contracts in the space sector. From the ambitious collaboration between Spaceium and The Exploration Company for in-space servicing to the

In the ever-evolving world of smallsat technology, this week's highlights underscore the industry's rapid advancements and strategic collaborations. Open Cosmos celebrates a significant $50M funding milestone, Fleet Space announces a promising alliance with a mining heavyweight, and Sumitomo Corporation takes a pivotal step by introducing SpinLaunch services to the Japanese

Welcome to the latest issue of our no-BS weekly space wrap-up focused on the smallsat market. This week, we're shining a spotlight on some game-changing news that's set to reshape the industry: Axiom Space has just secured a staggering $350 million in Series C, and Starfish Space has successfully brought

In this week's space industry update, we delve into RocketLab's innovative reuse of their Rutherford engine, the unexpected and ironic encounter of Clearspace's debris target with space junk, and the impressive $8M funding secured by HEO. Stay tuned to our newsletter for the latest insights and developments in the aerospace

Dive into this week's Precious Weekly newsletter, highlighting the world's first GEO SAR satellite, European rideshare mission, and top smallsat news. Stay updated with the latest in the space industry, all in one concise read. Precious Weekly: August 14 — 20, 2023 Image: A Vega launch to depict the European rideshare mission

Dive deep into the latest trends and insights in the small satellite market with our no-fluff, high-value newsletter. In this edition titled 'The Meg 2: Bandwagon rideshare, Circular Responsibility, and Smallsat Standouts,' we cut through the noise to deliver the most pertinent updates and analysis. Whether you're a seasoned space

Greetings from Precious Weekly, your trusted guide in the smallsat universe! In this week's edition, we're covering some major developments: Firefly's strategic acquisition of Spaceflight, China's innovative launch of a stackable satellite, and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio's venture into the space industry with an investment in a lidar constellation. And

Welcome to our latest newsletter issue! This time we're diving into some of the most exciting happenings in the space industry. On the docket: SpaceX's upcoming Transporter-8 rideshare mission, set to ferry a range of innovative payloads to orbit. We also take a closer look at the Hubble Network's growing

Welcome to our latest Precious Weekly newsletter issue! We've got a thrilling lineup of space updates for you this time. We're talking about the first-ever commercial Mars mission, a flurry of funding updates from across the industry, and the surprising return of wooden cubesats. But that's not all - we

Precious Weekly: May 15 — 21, 2023 Kathy Lueders joins SpaceX and more exciting news in our weekly wrap-up. See news tagged with a 🚀? Click the link to reveal more about the launch or its provider on Launch.ctrl by Precious Payload—your gateway to space! 💫 Image: Starbase facility by SpaceX   Launch Updates 🇺🇸RocketLab

Precious Weekly: May 8 — 14, 2023   The world’s first and only no-BS, high signal-to-noise ratio newsletter covering commercial space stations, the small satellite market, and New Space economy. Image: Commercial space station Haven-1 by VAST   Launch Updates 🇺🇸Vast announced plans to launch the world's first commercial space station, Haven-1, on a 🇺🇸SpaceX Falcon

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