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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

SatNews | Comprehensive launch schedule for smallsats released by Precious Payload


The schedule, just like online flight-booking tools, gathers all upcoming rocket launches into one, easy-to-browse page. Precious Payload tracks all launches on the planet and filters them against those that are commercially available. The information is kept up to date and is verified and reviewed by industry professionals. Those who are interested in booking a launch can build a mission profile and obtain a quote directly from a launch operator.


We initially created this tool for internal use, to find launches for our clients quickly and easily. Now we want to share it with the public so anyone can use and leverage the infrastructure behind the small satellite industry. We believe that with our software, entrepreneurs can start a space company—even from their dorm room,” Precious Payload CEO and co-founder, Andrew Maximov, said. “This is just a start as we are planning to build similar tools for all other building blocks of a space mission, including ground segment, spectrum, licensing, components, and insurance.”


The Precious Payload launch schedule helps satellite operators find a launch, manage their mission and connect with the contractors and regulators they need to get their project off the ground. Suppliers to the smallsat industry can also benefit from the launch schedule, using it for everything from sales and marketing to integrating the launch data into their own products using API.


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