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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

SatSearch | Find a launch option for your cubesat or small satellite – an overview of launch service providers

Selecting a launch option for a CubeSat or a small satellite can be a tricky challenge, states SatSearch editor and takes a look at some of the services available to launch a CubeSat/smallsat:



Precious Payload

“Precious Payload is a digital space mission management tool that features manifests and rideshare slots posted directly by launch operators and services from other suppliers, such as ground segment providers, insurance brokers, and hardware manufacturers. The aim is to reduce costs and time associated with procuring mission management by adopting standards and introducing automatic matchmaking algorithms.


Precious Payload advocates for building a GDS-like (global distribution system) architecture for space launches, ground segments and other market players similar to what has been done for airlines and cargo shipments when those industries entered the internet age.”


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