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Precious Payload Market Update: January 31, 2022 — February 6, 2022

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UAE-Bahraini nanosat Light-1 was deployed into orbit from the ISS to study Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) from thunderstorms and lightning after it launched last December. (Source)

Astra delayed its Rocket 3.3 booster’s first operational launch with a ELaNa 41 mission after a radar system tracking its flight malfunctioned. (Source)

Australia’s Fleet Space Technologies establishes its first international HQ in Houston, Texas, with plans to launch its next batch of IoT connectivity nanosats this year. (Source)

Quantum Space plans to operate and host various commercial payloads in cislunar space serviced by another robotic spacecraft to support a range of applications in 2025. (Source) 

ICEYE raises $136M Series D funding round led by Seraphim Space with plans to grow its natural catastrophe solutions offering and SAR constellation this year. (Source)

Turion Space partners with NanoAvionics to build a spacecraft Droid-1 designed for a reconnaissance mission in LEO expected for launch in Q1 2023. (Source)

Sateliot will finalize the closing of capital from Indra and Cellnex for EUR 10M each and plans to advance the development of its first commercial constellation of 5G-IoT nanosats in 2023. (Source)

Bangladesh Satellite Company Ltd (BSCL) partners with Glavkosmos to build and launch its EO Bangabandhu satellite-2 in December 2023. (Source)

Sidus Space partners with Red Canyon Software to support the building of the LizzieSat constellation. (Source)

The State of Maine (USA) will establish Maine Space Port Corp. to build rocket launch sites at former military bases and support operations for satellite launches. (Source)

Orbex applies for a launch license at the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and will launch the first flight of its “Prime” rocket in Q4 2022. (Source)

Arianespace plans to launch its first mission of the year with 34 OneWeb satellites to LEO aboard a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana on February 10. (Source)

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