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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

SpaceWatch | Interview with Andrei Rebrov, CTO and co-founder of Precious Payload

Helen Jameson, editor-in-chief of SpaceWatch.Global, interviews Andrei Rebrov, CTO and co-founder of Precious Payload to find out more about his background, what brought him to the space industry and about how the company is poised to make launching small satellites much easier task:



Precious Payload, the brain child of Andrey Maskimov and Andrei Rebrov, is aiming to transform the way in which small satellite operators secure their launches. As we heard at Satellite 2018 this year, small satellites are being hit by a launch bottleneck and are mostly reduced to piggybacking on larger satellite launches and settling for what they can get. This can impact negatively on schedules and revenues.


Using cutting-edge software, Precious Payload aims to provide an efficient service that will enable small satellite operators to view exactly which launch vehicles are available and can accommodate their mission. With a slew of new and exciting launchers dedicated to small satellites set to become operational in the near future, this is an exciting and dynamic market.


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