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Suborbital slots sale in Q2 2023!

Precious Payload Weekly Smallsat News: September 25 — October 2


Here’s what you need to know about the recent smallsat headlines. 

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Suborbital slots sale in Q2 2023


🇺🇸Exos Aerospace aims to conduct a commercial rideshare suborbital launch in Q2 2023. About 135kg of SPACEavailable: $4000/kg/1U. Book a slot on the Pathfinder mission of their BLK3 Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle (SRLV) via Launch.ctrl by Precious Payload with a 33.3% discount!


Launch Updates


🇺🇸Firefly Aerospace successfully launched its Alpha rocket, carrying the following payloads: [Space.com]

  1. Serenity 2 by organization 🇺🇸Teachers in Space
  2. TechEdSat-15 (a collaboration between 🇺🇸NASA and 🇺🇸San Jose State University)
  3. A PicoBus deployer, carrying five picosats: 
  • Genesis-L & Genesis-N satellites by 🇪🇸AMSAT/ 🇪🇸Hydra Space, including 🇪🇸IENAI SPACE thrusters; 
  • Qubik-1 and Qubik-2 by 🇬🇷Libre Space; 
  • and FossaSat-1B by 🇪🇸Fossa Systems.


🇮🇳Agnikul will launch its rocket Agnibaan before the end of 2022 from the Sriharikota launch site. [Economic Times]





🇺🇸Ground Station America (GSA) launches a US office accelerator and company operation program—a one-stop partner for space companies looking to form a subsidiary in the US. GSA is led by Michael Lyon and Guillermo Sohnlein, both with over 20 years experience in the space start-up sector. GSA provides a low-cost, turn-key solution for moving into the US market, including company strategic planning, formation, and operation—followed by management of business development, fundraising, and grant submission in the US. [GroundStationAmerica]




🇺🇸Saturn Satellite Networks (SSN) announces its first fleet (SBN-1) of six geostationary HTS satellites to be launched to GEO in H1 of 2025. [TalkSatellite]


🇦🇺Space Machines Company partners with 🇫🇷ANYWAVES to launch its Optimus OTV via SpaceX in 2023. [SmallsatNews]


🇮🇹SAB collaborates with 🇫🇮Iceye to fly two Iceye SAR satellites on the first VEGA-C SSMS mission in Q1 of 2023. [SmallsatNews]


🇬🇧Spaceport Cornwall opened its Space Systems Integration Facility. The opening of the state-of-the-art building comes ahead of the first-ever orbital UK launch and will be where the six satellite payloads will be integrated into 🇺🇸Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket. [BusinessCornwall]


🇫🇮Iceye and 🇪🇸Satlantis will build the Tandem4EO constellation of four SAR and optical imaging satellites with video capability to be launched to SSO. [SmallsatNews]


🇨🇦GHGSat gets selected by 🇺🇸NASA for a five-year contract worth $7M to provide data from its commercial smallsat EO constellation. [SmallsatNews


The National Reconnaissance Office awarded study contracts to six commercial providers (🇺🇸Aurora Insight, 🇺🇸HawkEye 360, 🇱🇺Kleos Space, 🇺🇸PredaSAR, 🇺🇸Spire Global and 🇺🇸Umbra Lab) to collect data from these satellites that track emitters of radio frequency signals for gathering portfolios. [BreakingDefence]


🇺🇸DIY Satellite collaborates with 🇪🇸UARX Space to launch their PocketQube deployers to be launched in 2023 and 2024. [Press Release


🇺🇸NASA and 🇺🇸Astra Space revised the TROPICS mission contract to launch it aboard Rocket 4 in 2023. [SpaceNews]


🇺🇸Firefly and 🇺🇸Millennium Space gets contracted by the US Space Force to conduct a Tactically Responsive Space (TacRS) mission in 2023 for quick payload deployment to LEO. [SpaceNews]


🇺🇾Satellogic signs a three-year agreement with the Government of Albania to develop a dedicated satellite constellation within the program that derives from Satellogic’s Constellation-as-a-Service model. 🇦🇱Albania will get priority access to two satellites—Albania-1 and Albania-2—that are expected to be part of Satellogic’s upcoming launch with 🇺🇸SpaceX. [Bloomberg]


🇺🇸Lynk Global will fly a tech demo of the world’s first cellular 5G from space payload in December 2022 on Lynk’s second commercial satellite. [SatNews]


The 🇬🇧UK Space Agency contracted 🇯🇵Astroscale and 🇨🇭ClearSpace for a combined contract worth $4.28M to conduct a feasibility study to remove two spacecraft from low Earth orbit in 2026. [ParabolicArc]


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