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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Changelog: Updated interface for launch providers, unified authorization page, and more

New release: March 28, 2022

Once only accessible by launch providers, the newly-built Data Room makes every supplier type eligible (including, but not limited to: orbital launch providers; suborbital launch providers; hosted payload providers; insurance providers; and ground segment providers).



Supplier’s Data Room, features include


  • A supplier can see numerous types of requests (such as RFI,/RFP, and/or ROM price request);
  • Within the request, now visible:


  1. the satellite operator’s company description;
  2. mission (planned launch date, duration, current phase, goal, payload type, description); and
  3. shared mission’s architectures (more details on payload/payload variations);


  • Declining requests;
  • Reply to requests with proposals;
  • Details may be requested (feedback too); and
  • Easier lead onboarding, a supplier may now also view request statuses.


Unified Authorization Page

Streamlined onboarding for satellite operators and providers is now up and running  (login to view)

Reach Text Editing && Markdown — Both Fully Supported

New Improvement — Markdown Support Feature:

Support for an Unlimited Number of Files from Different Platforms

View of Support for Unlimited Number of Files from Different Platforms:

What’s Next?

🛰 Upcoming Features for Satellite Operators:

  • Automated sharing and matching algorithm with accredited suppliers;
  • Separated files for missions and architectures;
  • New fields for additional requirements within requests; plus,
  • Support for CAD files.

🚀 Supplier’s Data Room, coming soon:

  • More comfortable work with CRM-like environment — real-time status updates for all requests; and
  • Supplier’s company description enables marketplace listing capabilities in Precious Payload’s premium tools — a robust marketing tool for the everyday engineer — commercial launch sub-schedules are rolling out (the first one is Launch.ctrl)/ with automated sharing of RFI/RFP requests.